Fauna Gallery

Whether in the Colorado Rockies or on the African plains, Shawn's wildlife paintings put the viewer up close and personal with the beasts.

Berry Bear 12X36 $400

Big Bears 36X56 $1200

Big Blue Bear 30X40 $1200

Big Horn Family 24X36 $1200

Big Horns on Stair Steps 30X40 $1200

Boss Man 8X10 $250

Chipmonks (5) 6X6 $135 each

Evening Grosbeaks 16X20 $700

Fawn 22X28 $800

Flying Colors 22X28 $800

Hiding Fox 24X24 $900

I See You 30X49 $1800

Mom and Twins 29X33 $500

Moon Bear 24X36 $800

Nuts to You 24X36 $800

OK Just Dont Go In Road 16X30 $800

Peak a Bear $400

Stellar Jays 16X20 $700

Stinkers $800

Trouble x 3 23X53 $800

Who 24X36 $950

Winter Tux 28X22 $600