Flora Gallery

Flowers have always been a favorite of Shawn's. Whether painting them, being surprised by them in a mountain meadow or receiving them from her husband, Gary, they hold a special place in her heart.

Amarillys 30X40 $1200

Best Cactus 30X40 $2000

Big Bouquet 30X40 $1500

Cactus Garden 30X40 $1500

Easter Tulips 16X20 $600

Liken Lichen 45X37 $1800

Little Cactus 16X20 $800

Little Cactus with Flowers 16X20 $800

New Single Aspen Tree 12X36 $600

Parrot Tulips 33X46 $1500

Prickly 30X40 $1500

So Glad 24X30 $800

Survivors 24X36 $800

Texas Wildflowers 31X62 $1500

Too Pretty 30X30 $900

Wild Roses 30X40 $1500

Yellow Bouquet 18X24 $800